Monday, July 13, 2009

Political pondscum...

0bama says Stimulus worked as promised intended… ~ …lies, built upon lies! What happened to producing jobs and prosperity?

Comparison: Bush’s failed economic policies saw 23.8% growth in 6 months after recession, Obama’s policies saw -5.2% ~ …that’s what happens when government takes control of private enterprise! You ain’t seen bad yet, but it’s a comin…

Reverse on sunlight at the White House… Not only are they not posting legislation on their website 5 days in advance as our a President promised, no body even gets to read it until it becomes law. Talk about Carte Blanche!

Repealing the 22nd Amendment, a matter of enhancing democracyChange you can believe in!

The new Czar for the White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs wants to curb free speech on the internet… this guy also oversees the EPA and OSHA. “Czar is too mild a word for what Sunstein is about to become.”

When participating in an unpopular administration, it’s best to either create a diversion, blame someone else or both

White House lawyers prepping Sotomayor for Senate confirmation hearingsJudging from previous performances, I think they may suggest she tell them what they want to hear, smile and be a proud Latina.

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