Friday, July 24, 2009

Of interest...

Some guys have all the luck!

This is an interesting site… the whitehouse is polling everything. How many times can I vote?

Local man trades college for Americorps ~ Need an excuse to be an underachiever? Join Americorps!

TARP funded Banks follow the 0bama message to redistribute wealth...from the taxpayer's pocket to banking execs themselves... BILLIONS with a B... I wonder if we get a kiss to go with it?

Associated Press say 0bama lied last night about his healthcare plan on national TV

0bama scolds Cambridge police ~ What bullshit… play the race card BO… The guy was out of line! He has entitlement issues! But, since he's an educated ****** black man, and our President is also, he has special black rights that transcend authority. I believe if it was a white professor, this would not be an issue.

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mzchief said...

There is no politician that cares enough about public opinion that they would maintain a totally random public polling site. Please note the disclaimer at the bottom of the page of

"White House 2 is completely independent of the U.S. government, the official White House website at, and any political party.