Thursday, July 2, 2009

Of interest

Cashing In: $25 Charge To Attend Michael Jackson Memorial Service. The show must go on…

POS Rep. Barney Frank: Let's spend TARP profits before taxpayers can get them

Damn Republicans! McCain's Camp Praises Sanford and Trashes Palin ? Looks like the GOP is afraid of Palin’s big-government reform…

2 Million Child Porn Images Found On Computer I didn’t know 2 million child porn pics even existed… pedophilia must be much more prolific than I thought!

Don't be confused by facts! In England, health care is "free" -- as long as you don't mind waiting.

Health Reform: A critically ill premature baby is moved to a U.S hospital to get the treatment she couldn't get in the system we're told we should emulate.


mzchief said...

What people do not realize is; what passes for health care in the U.K. is not free. People making £37,400 or less pay 30% income tax and 17% value added tax on everything they purchase except food and children's clothing. People making more than £37,400 pay up to 72% income tax and 17% value added tax.

Anonymous said...

Yeah.....but I've seen Micheal Moore's documentary. It all works great. Why don't we do that? If not for GWB, we would already have free care for everyone.