Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Of interest

Striking Bell Helicopter workers furious that company is bringing in replacement workers.
Sorry guys, you picked a bad time to strike. There are 25 people for every one of you that would be happy with your job. Unions in Texas don’t have the same strength as in New York and New Jersey. They brought these people in from Bell in Kansas.

The Canadian Free Press reports, “First Lady requires more than twenty attendants”. I’m sure she can identify with people who live on main street.

So Much for 'Energy Independence'

What kind of Libertarian are you?

New Universal Embryo Test Can Detect 15,000 Genetic Diseases ~ just another reason for abortions

Iraqis celebrate Joe Biden’s visit by burning American flags!

I’m not the only one that has a problem with POS Barney Frank

Olbermann calls Dick Chaney ”as insane as a terrorist”.


Anonymous said...

Sorry, Denny. After working on both sides of the of the Company, I can tell you that the problem is not with the Union. The Company grants all of the benifits that the workers get and if they are having trouble with finances, it is because they waste money like it is going out of style. As a member of the management team, I have seen them instute one program after another that was a complete waste of money and did nothing to foster the good moral of the employees or add any benifit to the bottom line. Be careful how you speak unless you have personal knowledge of what you speak.

Denney Crane said...

I must be mistaken...

I was told (by current Bell management) that they were striking because they didn't want to have to pay for any insurance benefits out of their own pocket...

MOST companies are cutting back on labor costs and asking the employees to tighten their belt.

How the company "wastes" their money is none of the employees business... It's not their company; not yet, anyway.

Since I have no "personal knowledge" of what I speak, tell me where I'm wrong!

Anonymous said...

The people working there have a vested interest in the company. Also, most of us were stock holders also. So yes, the employees do have an interest in it. It is their sweat and blood that makes a company, day in and day out. The top management come and go in short order, but it is the employees that are there day after day that really makes a company. When the Board of Directors or the Parent company bring in all of these whiz kids out of the Business schools is when the problems start. I spent 40 years with them, about half as a union worker and about half in Management, so I have seen it from both sides.

Anonymous said...

I was heartened to learn Olbermann believes terrorists are crazy. Most of the time he acts as if they are merely demonstrators

The Donald said...

I am going to have to spend time this evening with the article to see which kind of (little 'l') libertarian I am.

Anonymous said...

Bottom line is that it is a bad time to be striking. We all have to sacrifice some of the eminities we are used to. You might have to settle for a well paying job and deal with not having the greatest coverage for a while.