Saturday, July 11, 2009

Movie Revue/Warning: "Bruno"

Mrs. Crane and I went to Southlake to see the movie, “Bruno” this afternoon after she watched the trailers on the Internet. I didn’t ask what it was about, or even care for that matter… but that will never happen again!

The first thing I found odd was the theatre employees were asking for IDs at the ticket booth and at the movie entrance. That should have been the first red flag, but I just thought it part of the ritzy area we chose to grace. Now, I realize that every spirited high school kid in the nation will be trying to get in to see this insanely extreme attempt of comedy!

An accurate description/review was "Balls~Out Revolutionary", since his shaven and waxed package was hanging out most of the movie. Sexual & racial overtones of the highest magnitude plagued the screen. I sum up this carnage with 4 words: shocking, perverse, disturbing & hilarious.

As funny as it was, my first recommendation is: don’t go see it! If you feel you must witness this highly offensive folly, I urge you to get smashed before going. It had flashes of the Rocky Horror Picture Show, Talladega Nights, The Nevada Bunny Ranch and David does Darell.

It was obvious that the guest stars who appeared were clueless as to the agenda of the director/actor aka Sacha Baron Cohen aka Borat. He made Paula Abdul’s publicist so angry that they blurred his face since he probably wouldn’t permit them to show him in the film. Christians, Muslims, Ministers, homosexuals, actors, a US Senator and people from Alabama and Arkansas were unknowingly denigrated, insulted, exploited and offended in this disgustingly staged reality drama. Jerry Springer X 100

I am a pretty open-minded individual when it comes to sex and comedy, but I felt a bit like Eminem when he got a face full of Cohen's crotch. A man must be very secure in his sexuality to keep from walking out of the theatre.

Mrs. Crane laughed uncontrollably. I found myself unable to catch my breath a few times. I am far from a prude, but this was as "over the top' as it gets. Personally, as funny as it was, I think the world would be a better place if this movie was never made.

Lastly, if your child is under 18 and asks you to take him/her to see it, DO NOT! As a matter of fact, don't even let them go to a movie with a friend without saying "no" to this show. Even as an educated adult, I had trouble grasping the sexually satirical behavior. This will probably become a very popular cult comedy film of the lowest order. I'm not going to mince words concerning the content and consequence of “Bruno”. Cohen is repulsive!

But, as always, I could be wrong,

Denney Crane


RPM said...

Couldn't make it thru Ali-G or Borat. I've no plans for Bruno.

On paper, I should love this guy's work. Everything about me is politically incorrect. But, I can't stand Sasha Baron Cohen.

Anonymous said...

I could not make it through Borat either. Just too much cheap, stupid humor.

If I put down money, at least make me think a second or two.

Thanks for the heads up.

Jack Benny

Ryan said...

So... Thumbs up or thumbs down??