Friday, July 3, 2009

More Inspirational Photos...

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Anonymous said...

The first pic about Washington and the 2nd ammendment says a lot to me.
It says that we, just as those in the passed who have fought to keep this country free, must understand that gun ownership evens things out between the good and the bad. If a 27 year old male yielding a
.38 breaks into a house of an 80 year old widdow, she is helpless unless she is armed with a .38 etc...
The poster also says that freedom isn't free and unless we have the juevos to pick our fights (and win) we will not have freedom.

To me, this is common sense. Am I wrong? What else could that poster mean? Would it be fair to take the gun from the 80 YO lady's hand and leave her defensless in a corner waiting on the police to show up... having dialed 911?

I know of no other way to look at it.