Sunday, July 26, 2009

I've become a regular handiman


Canadian Sentinel said...

Them rednecks are very resourceful, ain't they?

I could've used a redneck to do something about my flat spare tire when I found myself stranded on the highway after Easter with a flat tire and a useless donut spare and two useless, mysteriously non-functional (made in, yep, China, to my non-surprise) cans of Fix-a-Flat...

Fortunately, I discoverd the flat spare when I stopped at a toll station and found that something wasn't right about the way the car was stopping, so I was able to contact CAA from there and have 'er towed all the way from Nova Scotia into New Brunswick, right into my dealer's service dept.

Didn't cost me a thing, that long-distance tow. The Premium CAA membership took care of it, more than paying for itself.

I'm sure the AAA offers pretty much the same. Obviously our two countries are identical, save for having different names and some different politics stuff.

AnObiter said...

Oh, I do love that air-conditioned car you've got up there. lol