Tuesday, July 14, 2009

DIVERSITY: How Wise County
government spends taxdollars

City of Bridgeport looks to waste spend $54 million on useless crap, not on basic services or infrastructure to benefit taxpayers!
The costs to construct these monumental mistakes are nothing compared to the cost of operation and maintenance, but that’s what city management wants… more employees! Sadly, city council members have no business experience and base their decisions on the city manager's recommendations. Since oil field sales tax revenue is way, way down, guess who will end up paying for it? As always, property owners & electricity customers!

In economic hard times, why does everyone curb spending except those entities that use tax revenue? Don't they understand that every dollar they spend is one less dollar the taxpayer can use...and in hard times, that's a big deal! But go ahead fellows, continue your betterment of Bridgeport, there's plenty of rural property to move to!

What's even more disturbing, when the people vote against spending the money, members of the council and school board CONTINUE to try and figure out a way to get it passed! To hell with what the people want, your leaders know what's best for you and your community...
After 2 years to plan, Wise County commissioners approve new animal shelter to house 88 dogs and 24 cats when 2 years ago they were picking up 100 – 150 dogs a month.
Simple arithmetic tells me they will be giving away or destroying 150 dogs a month… Now this is advance government planning if I ever heard it... BTW, I have no problem with them putting strays down. Since the county has a new patrol boat, maybe they can take the carcasses to Lake Bridgeport and sink them... fish gotta eat too... sort of green recycling program... Liberals should love it!

I remember how my grandfather's neighborhood took care of these unwanted pests animals; there was no need for animal control shelters back in the day. It was much more difficult dealing with bugs than stray animals.

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