Thursday, March 3, 2016

It's not easy having 2 faces.

 ~ And just in case you want to see how bankers and investors get into the oil business at a phenomenal discount, here’s 10 billion examples.

  ~ '"You step in there, and it's like you're not even in the United States anymore." Harold Scoggins, the chief of the Seattle Fire Department, who, after a deadly shootout, went to the city's biggest homeless camp last month with a group of public health and safety officials for two days of study.' NY Times

What solution does the liberal bureaucracy propose to solve the problem? Build an 8,000 foot border fence to keep the homeless out of the camp. Go figure, liberal ideology demonizes a fence to secure our border but wants a fence to keep homeless out from under bridges. How do you justify this? Hypocracy or insanity?

 ~ So they are looking to cull 200 lions in Zimbabwe due to overpopulation caused by The Cecil Effect. Personally, I don’t believe them. I think they want the hunters to come back and generate more revenue.

The economy in Africa is so bad that Nigeria’s finance minister fired 20,000 ghost workers and saved $11 million monthly. Do you find it odd that they aren’t looking for who’s been pocketing the cash?

 ~ A mining company responsible for 19 deaths in Brazil just settled with the government for $6.2 billion. What do you bet that each family won’t see 100k?

 ~ I notice Morgan Freeman has been stumping for Hillary in her TV ads. If #Blacklivesmatter, why are they not supporting Ben Carson? The answer is one word…and it is colored green.

 ~ How they describe Trump: Demagogic opportunist exploiting a divided country. They don’t describe the current POTUS this way because it would be racist.

Donald Trump cannot get away with the Robert Frost proverb, “Good fences make good neighbors.” Based on his stance on border security, he’s evil. How many people have to die in order for us to secure our borders?

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Anonymous said...

Good stuff today! Love the contrast between Trump's conservative wall and Seattle's liberal wall. The conservative one keeps foreign immigrants from a country. The Liberal one keeps homeless people from their shelter. That's humanity for ya!