Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Strawberry fields in Iowa

Has Bill lost it or is it the hydrocodone?

My first thought was Schroeder from Peanuts...
And then a televangelist couple.

 ~ Why isn’t the media applauding the GOP for its diversity in their Presidential candidates? Two out of the three top picks in Iowa are Hispanic! The stench of hypocrisy is breathtaking, isn’t it? Who’s in bed with who? Or is it whom?

I guess the MSM is looking forward to the day that the government will provide them what news they can and will report. Questioning the information will be considered subversive and treasonous.

 ~ If public schools have to compete with charter schools for students, they will sure have to step up their game. This may be the best hope for educating our children. The bureaucracy will fight it to the death.

 ~ You can’t build ponds on your property in Oregon without a permit. This man got jail time and fined.

If you believe freedom still rings in America, try to do anything without having to purchase a license or permit.

 ~ What happens to a government that provides for its citizens? Ask Puerto Rico with a $72 billion debt, but that includes free electricity. Who do they want to pay it now that they can't? Their lenders, at least half of it. Future foreclosures on government property? "Imagine how much it costs to have an ice-skating rink in the tropics."

 ~ I was told I really needed to see the movie “Straight Outta Compton”. I must admit, I couldn’t take my eyes off this flick. The most upsetting part of the movie wasn’t the rap music, it was the portrayal of LEOs as terrorists.

 ~ WHO says Zika virus is a global health emergency. That should be worth at least a couple of hundred million in funding, right? This virus is old news. Unless the science to cure it becomes profitable, government funding may be the only viable alternative.

~ One problem with government interference of free enterprise is the outcome of a law that forces corporations to make profits for their shareholders. This has encouraged companies to overcharge for exclusive products like certain medications, as well as fire employees and hire less expensive ones, all for the sake of its shareholders. Did I forget to mention executive bonuses based on profit margins?

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Jim McDonough said...

Thoroughly enjoyed this post; shuddered at the creepy Clintons and appreciated the fodder for pondering the rest of this sleepless night!