Friday, January 1, 2016

The future's so bright...

I am no Nostradamus, but I make the following predictions for 2016:

Hilary Clinton will win the election for President by a landslide.

Over 50% of Police Chiefs’ in cities larger than 100,000 will not be caucasion and/or male.

The U.S. will suffer a serious earthquake or volcano.

Civil unrest will multiply exponentially.

The POTUS will sign gun legislation…with or without Congressional approval.

E coli and salmonella poisoning will escalate in the U.S.

Black Lives Matter activist protesters will be attacked.

Asteroid scare or large meteor hits the earth.

Global warming will advance at alarming rate.

Christians are executed world wide in large numbers.

CERN dark matter experiment create side effects causing grave concern.

And finally, 85% of Americans will agree that hell froze over...


The Donald said...

Maybe just wishful thinking, but I have to disagree re: Hillary.

• CLEOs & natural disaster - agree.
• Civil unrest - probably. So long as the unrest stays away from me, I will stay away from it. But if it comes to me, it would be not unreasonable to say I'm prepared. Like Gerry Spence said about a rabbit: If you cross its path in the woods, it will dart away - but if you stick your hand in the rabbit hole, it will bite you.
• POTUS - looks highly likely. Has there ever been a bigger jack-off in the Oval Office (including WJC)? I used to think he was the second coming of JEC, but ol' Jimmy only had four years to screw up, and it was mainly through ineptitude. This one has been a first class tool of dedicated enemies of the USA. My wishful thinking is that after WMR takes the oath of office 1/20/2017, the CJ-SCOTUS will proclaim "Free at last, Free at last, Thank God almighty we are free at last."
○ No major opinion on the remaining prognostications, except HFO - Henley already so proclaimed it in '94... ;-)

TommyBoy said...

I predict Tommyboy will add another feline to his family this year.

Also, Tommyboy will complete two novels this year, winding out a new three book series.

Here's a crazy one: I predict millions converting to Christianity this year.

I predict peace on earth... somewhere on the planet during three random days in mid-February.

I predict Al Gore will get a haircut soon.

I predict nobody will call about making a movie of my life.

I predict the Republican party will continue to show it is little more than the right wing faction of the Democratic Party.

I predict we'll see the same old tired faces after the Wise County elections (later this year).

Other than that, Happy New Year! Wishing you and yours regular bowel movements and a front yard without stickers.