Monday, January 25, 2016

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 ~ In the WTF section, here’s an article that infers Michigan State’s government would have acted sooner in the Flint water poisoning if more rich, white people were effected.

I don’t believe race had anything to do with it, but a wealthy community would have had the resources and connections to move things along much faster. Victimizing the poor is nothing new on planet earth.

Speaking of the poor, victimization and government, this article describes just such a community in Canada, mostly surviving on government benefits, which is not providing a successful solution.

"We are watching all this with alarm. It is clear that the government lacks the necessary resources to give us a normal life." SERGEI TITOV, a music teacher in Krasnodar, Russia, on looming government cutbacks because of plunging oil prices. What a sad state of affairs.

When will people wake up to the truth, as demonstrated above? The government, any government, is incapable of providing the necessary resources for a successful, worthwhile life or providing a completely safe environment. 

If we don't start helping each other again, as neighbors used to do, we will all suffer greatly.   At some time in our life, we will need help; karma will come into play. Government may provide resources and benefits like food, clothing and shelter, but they can’t make life meaningful.

 ~ I find it quite entertaining that Michael Bloomberg is considering a run for President. Can you imagine the fear his political opponents could create reminding us that he made the “big gulp” illegal in New York. Political death – force an overweight population on a diet.

 ~ The NY Times asked their readers to tell them 3 things they like to do when snowed in for days. Some of those New Yorkers provided some really great ideas, and funny comments:
“I like to have bottled coffee drinks on hand. After losing my power for more than a week in 2008, I realize that they are a lifesaver (and not necessarily my own life).”
“…and something trashy to watch like the minor films of Joan Crawford because I can be fairly sure the weather will prevent anyone from coming in and catching me.”

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