Thursday, January 28, 2016

Partnership with government
protection provided

 ~ Prepare to be destroyed if you choose to blow the whistle on a well-funded bureaucracy’s illegal activities. That is exactly what is happening to the people who made the video showing Planned Parenthood selling body parts.

If you do anything that jeopardizes half a billion in government funding to any institution, prepare for them to use those resources to obliterate you. $500 million a year can buy influence a lot of judges, politicians and media sources. It makes no difference if you’re right, they have the money to be declared innocent and you guilty.

 ~ Proof that profit supersedes lives? A 4 star movie I watched recently, Concussion, about the pathologist who discovered a mental condition of healthy, retired NFL football players. Will Smith played the part brilliantly, but IMO, not an Oscar performance. I guess that means I’m racist.

There is a pattern here that needs to be recognized and addressed. Our government is complicit and supportive of these organizations until wrongdoing is exposed. This is selective law enforcement, which should be considered organized crime.

 ~ “Let me be clear, it is the actions and choices of the armed occupiers that have led us to where we are today.” special agent Greg Bretzing, F.B.I. after LEO’s killed 1 and arrested 7 Oregon activists.

Let me be clear, it was the actions and choices of the federal government that caused these ranchers to go to this extreme to get their message heard. If the government was trying to run you off so they could buy your property, you would be up there with them. Remember, silence is consent.

 ~ I am a big fan of Megyn Kelly. I think Trump was wrong for his namecalling, and still do. However, I believe he is better off staying away from her since she knows which questions really upset him. At least we know this candidate isn't influenced by media pressure.

Anyway, the news media has become an ugly stain on the political process, promoting their seperate agenda - ratings and reviews. They now prefer making the news instead of accurately reporting it.

 ~ For those of you who get sick and don't get over it very quickly, I choose to megadose (5 times a day) vitamin C for 3-5 days. If it's not gone by then, I go to the doctor. B complex will help with miserable side effects.

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Anonymous said...

Taking up arms against the government may be right but it will get one killed.. Be it the King or the Obama administration.