Thursday, January 21, 2016

I have an idea
Let's give everyone Oscars!

 ~ If you believe Americans are rational and reasonable people, then tell me how many failed marriages or similar relationships a person should go through before considering the problem might be found in a mirror? We have an enormous capacity for denial, justification and rationalization. Being at fault is seldom an option.

 ~ Speaking of rational and reasonable, what’s up with the outrage over the Oscars not nominating a black person for the second year in a row? Is someone implying that performance is not as important as awarding diversity?

The great irony - these people are just not that important, they’re only actors - entertainers.

Who is the real hero? Dr. Ben Carson, a brilliant neurosurgeon or Cuba Gooding, Jr, who played him in the movie, Gifted Hands? Although Dr. Carson doesn’t demand the respect Spike Lee requires, he receives it for his contribution to humankind. Hey Spike, who you backing for President?

 ~ It looks like I need to start a Gofundme account since I was recently victimized by not winning the Powerball lottery. It could take me a lifetime to recover from such a devastating disaster. Do you think I can find an attorney who could make a successful case for such a catastrophic loss?

 ~ If you can read this Fox News article objectively and not acknowledge the possibility that the US is supporting war and terrorism in the Middle East, you might be considered naïve. For many, facts don’t matter.

 ~ So far, the federal government has spent over $400,000 sending text messages to Mexican-American men encouraging them to exercise. This is wrong on so many levels. Isn't this considered racial profiling?


mzchief said...

"You don't get an Oscar for the color of your skin, you get it for acting out of it. Unfortunately, the Oscars don't have a special category for 'best black actor giving a mediocre performance in a film about NFL with an angry wife'. If they did, Will would be a shoe-in."
~Katie Hopkins

Spike Lee is now demanding that there be quotas for Oscar recipients. Just imagine how the awards would be given "And the Oscar goes to Token Black."
Sounds racist to me.

Anonymous said...

Obama should receive an Oscar for pretending to be a president.