Monday, January 18, 2016

Future's so bright, gotta wear shades

 ~ In the true or false section, this article states,that Iran had dismantled large sections of its nuclear program,” as confirmed by UN inspectors. My first thought...How much of the $150 billion did Iran pay the inspectors for this report?

Years from now, they’re gonna ask us, ‘Where were you when they took over the planet?’ and we’re gonna say, ‘we just stood by and watched’.“ prophecy from - Transformers: Dark Side of the Moon

 ~ After watching this 3 year old video that was just released, I have a few questions. If our government has nothing to hide, why do they continue to fight the release of videos showing police killing people? If you claim no wrongdoing, you should want the public to see the recordings.

If cameras can justify an officer’s actions, they should be allowed to condemn them as well. There may come a day that Americans will demand LEOs not to possess deadly weapons. Sadly, this would force them to think about alternate methods to detain people, which should already be their first, second and third choices.

The real problem is, first and foremost, the public does not believe LEOs are justified when shooting an unarmed suspect, even when fleeing the scene. ‘Fearing for your life’ is a difficult concept when suspect is running away from you. Respect my authority or receive the death sentence, immediately. A civilian wouldn’t get a pass in similar circumstances.

 ~ The New York Times attributes rising college tuition on the “constant expansion of university administration”. Welcome to liberal bureaucracy, where the higher the position, the less work required. What good is status and position if you don't have a large staff and entourage to go with it?

 ~ If the economy is so great, why is Walmart closing 269 stores? Maybe their demographics didn’t include the Amazon factor, which, if true, was a very expensive error.

 ~ Black people in the motion picture business are once again upset over the lack of diversity with the Oscar nominees this year. Reality - A. Race does not equal excellence. B. Race does not make one important. C. Race does not create entitlement, at least outside government and large corporations. D. In Hollywood, green matters more than black.

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