Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Yes, they suffered a head injury
when they fell off the turnip truck.

 ~ The ultimate harassment, terrorism by your local SWAT team. Internet trolls have learned how to use your local police force to invade your home and threaten to incarcerate you.

I predict branch law offices opening up kiosks at Walmart. Our government is now the new cash cow for large lawsuits. I expect child sacrifices to our government for seven figure settlements. 

 ~ What an awesome experiment. The wealthiest man in Illinois is replacing the leadership in the Illinois state government with businessmen.

Liberal politicians, union leaders and lobbyists across the world may experience THE HORROR: -- operate government like a business!

Even more TERRIFYING: -- it could work! 

But alas, the harsh reality: the current power structure cannot allow it to be successful. I predict the sudden deaths of this new political leadership by Chicago politics.

 ~ Here is an example of how to properly operate a liberal government: allow a NY City firefighter to graduate the training academy, despite failing the physical fitness tests, so she can go on medical leave less than two weeks on the job. Lessons on how to obtain a steady income without having to work.

Another example of liberal government: Allowing fear to replace freedom! The French ban mass demonstrations in Paris on Sunday, the eve of the UN Climate Conference. So they end up firing tear gas into crowds of hundreds of activists, in essence, banning freedom of speech and targeting environmentalists; allowing fear to authorize a police state.

 ~ Am I alone in wondering how long the media and public will give this administration a pass on our economy?  It's been easy for him to blame Bush up until now, but he can ride that horse only so long. Welfare, medicaid, food stamps, unemployment, homeless, unaffordable healthcare and education, corporations leaving the country; the list can go on extensively...

 ~ If you haven’t figured it out already, it will be the climate change agenda that will be at the forefront of globalization, leading to the new world order/one world alliance. It will take a great amount of fear and conditioning to control the amount of liberty you receive.

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