Wednesday, December 30, 2015

The new color of money:
Red ... Blood Red

 ~ If you don’t think there is profit made during wartime, this article states that US foreign arms deals increased by $10 billion in 2014. That’s $36 billion total for the year.

What motivation do we have to win or stop the war in the Middle East? Answer: NONE…as long as they don’t disrupt the flow of oil and we continue to take in billions in arms revenue. Today, life on earth cannot compete with profit.

"For your merchants were the greatest in the world, and you deceived the nations with your sorceries. In your streets flowed the blood of the prophets and of God’s holy people and the blood of people slaughtered all over the world.”

 ~ ISIS use of the internet for recruiting purposes has given legal scholars another way to justify “curbing” the first amendment.

I believe this is a manufactured war using fabricated side effects in order to discard and remove the U.S. Constitution. Globalization (aka one world government) cannot be instituted as long as we have a functioning constitution. Prophesy is becoming reality.

The greatest document ever created to provide freedom to the citizenship is no longer sacred. It is neither revered by our leadership, nor the population. Prepare to see your grandchildren submit to indentured servitude once our wealth is removed.

 ~ You think the BP offshore oil spill was bad, this gas leak in California will probably end up a much greater environmental disaster, since methane is one of the most powerful agents that produce global warming. Our government fined BP $4.5 billion. Am I alone in wondering why this one is staying under the radar?

 ~ “Before you decide to shoot that drone out of your backyard, there are a few important things you need to know.” The word “felony” got my attention.

 ~ Well, its amateur night again Thursday. It is wise to stay off the road late Thursday evening and early Friday morning. Chance favors the prepared.

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