Thursday, December 3, 2015

San Bernardino got their
CAIR package yesterday...

 ~ What jumped out at me the most in this article on the San Bernardino killers was the quote that the attack didn’t seem to be “a spur-of-the-moment thing”. I will remember this as I hear all the spin the story attracts from groups like CAIR.

 ~ What could be more un-American than our government participating multinational conferences in countries that have banned protesting? This freedom is the first one that is removed from liberal progressive countries. If it can happen in France, it can happen here.

In response to our fear, our right to disagree is vanishing. Your right to freely assemble is vanishing. This is one reason terrorism is a tool to fight the establishment. America’s own political dissident Bill Ayers showed us that.

Presidential hopefuls continue to tell us what “I think” is the best way to combat ISIS. They continue to talk about how certain military actions would only boost ISIS recruitment efforts. I believe the $1 billion a year income, which provides their payroll, is the best recruitment tool they have.

Serving ISIS, believing it’s a noble, holy effort, is how poor people put food on the table while providing the illusion of carrying out God’s will. If you found your family starving, slaves to those who wish to control them, you might choose this path.

If we were really interested in stopping ISIS, we would shut off their income stream, and shut it off now. We actually have the ability to make that happen, almost immediately, but too many of the “right people” are being paid off to allow its perpetuation.

 ~ Up to 5 million kids gaming accounts hacked through VTech? Photos, passwords, ect… What could a hacker want with your child’s personal information?

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The Donald said...

It's simply amazing how our SOS POTUS can trip all over himself to avoid saying 'Muslim extremists', yet make a bee-line to call for more gun control.

January 2017 can't come soon enough.