Thursday, December 31, 2015

Reasonable, rational people
are not real popular.

 ~ Here’s an article that got my attention. I didn’t know that it’s estimated that the average American commits 3 felonies per day. Those caught, even when due diligence is applied, do time for “some arcane law[s]”.

 ~ Would you believe me if I told you the government, more specifically, taxpayers are spending $6 billion a month on supplying food stamps? 46.5 million Americans receive them.

The “working poor” is a popular term in the program. Also, obesity rates are high among food stamp recipients. I have no problem feeding our poor, but what would happen if they had to pass a drug test to qualify?

 ~ Would someone please enlighten me as to why the current POTUS would attend a trade fair in Germany in April? I don’t really believe the article that attributes it to push his European trade deal, unless he has a deferred commission coming.

Am I alone in wishing he would put as much energy in the American economy as he has his agenda on globalization, global warming, foreign trade deals.

 ~ So if you’re a private liberal arts college and your Spanish department’s enrollment is declining, what do you do? It looks like Amherst College hired attractive TA’s to “prostitute themselves” to help boost the lagging enrollment.

What comes to mind first? Jokes! ‘Now that’s what I call liberal arts!’ ~ ‘Can you tell me how this dictates?’ ~ ‘Will you conjugate my verb?’ ~ ‘Are you a cunning linguist?’

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Rex Kramer said...

The travesty is that 46.5 million people qualify for food stamps, and I'm not talking about government waste here. That's the most telling economic statistic I can think of. We are definitely doing something wrong here.

I used to say the same thing in regards to drug tests, but it's been a spectacular waste of money everytime something of the like has been implemented. It's an overstated problem by people trying to sound morally superior.

We've got bigger fish to fry and it would seem the next generation has decided they don't give to chits about some drug use. We lost the argument.

In regards to the current POTUS, Alfred Pennyworth put it best when he said some men just want to watch the world burn.