Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Getting old is hell
but I pay more attention
to the details.

This is the beginning of week #3 of my alkaline drinking water experiment and I’m shifting gears. After 2 weeks of about 70% intake, mainly bottled water (Dasani and Evian), the most notable change is my digestion. It’s been years since I’ve had such a satisfying crap movement.

Today, I installed the Aqua Ionizer 7 under my sink. I wish I would have listened to Clint! A man’s got to know his limitations. I do not possess the appropriate disposition to be a successful plumber. I forgot how much I hate the connections and working in confined areas.

Anyway, it’s in and running. I am curious as to the long term affects, but am satisfied with this Christmas gift to myself and family. I did my homework on this particular unit and the cost involved. These things were going for 5 grand not long ago. I estimate a financial return on this investment within 18 months, the return on our health cannot be estimated.

My goal is to rid the liquid I consume from as many chemicals as possible, including chlorines, fluorides, well, the list is just too extensive. I don’t believe there is any acceptable chemical level if I have the ability to remove them.

What I do find  most unacceptable, is the rate of sickness and disease in this country.

Something is causing it, nobody wants to talk about it.

I choose to take action to guard my health and those I love with the tools we have been given through technological advances. Similar to being armed with a gun, I choose not to become a victim of sickness due to an acceptable level of poison in our drinking water.

Feel free to think of me as another fearful idiot.  I'm not afraid of dying, but I prefer not to suffer from a long-term illness that may be arrested before it develops. Cancer cannot survive in an alkaline host.

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