Monday, November 16, 2015

Is education in America
teaching kids entitlement?

How about the Million Student March to promote student debt forgiveness and free tuition? They propose to tax the wealthiest 1% of Americans to pay for it. They don't believe that even if you taxed them 100%, it would not be enough...$300 billion short.  The 1% are leaving America already due to the tax rate.

Ask Greece how all those free government programs are working for them. Transferring more debt to the government eventually has consequences.  I have no problem providing these students a college education, as long as they sign up to pay 50-90% in taxes if their income ever exceeds $100k a year. 

These grass roots movements promote fascism and they don't hide it. Our schools are churning out little Nazis by the thousands! Power to the people, unless your rich and successful.

I got an email from the White House with the subject line, “Let’s Reinvent High School”. Keep dumbing down the kids so you can influence, manipulate and control their thinking. If the truth will set us free, then lies will keep us in bondage.

So if you were our government and you wanted more control over the population, what better way than under-educate our children and not teach them our history. Ignorant people are easier to manipulate.

I noticed that more black college activist groups are forming, some to stop white people and eliminate the US Constitution. How utterly stupid these kids are. They must not realize that the Constitution is the only document that insures their freedom. Without it, our government would completely dictate our lives… 

If you want to see exactly what the government is capable of doing, watch Winter On Fire – Ukraine’s Fight For Freedom on Netflix. It’s Berkley in the 60’s times 10! At least these people are fighting for their freedom.

I am not a fan of RINO Chris Christie, but I did like what he said about Hillary. She named her best enemy the GOP. With all Americas’ enemies, why would another American be your enemy just because they’re your competition or they disagree with you? It will be this mindset that will be the fall of America, the unwillingness to work together to accomplish a common goal. Priority one is the American people, not destroying your competition.

Where is the outcry over media scrutiny of Ben Carson’s past? Similar scrutiny of Barack Obama was declared racist and shouted from the mountaintops. Why aren’t minority groups defending him? 

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