Friday, October 30, 2015

The woes of education
short, sweet and stupid

Once more I find myself amazed that after all the controversy over the $3.5 million Decatur School bond passed, it’s $2 million short for completion. It’s gonna take awhile to get the egg off their faces.

I believe the attorneys suing Dallas County sheriff Lupe Valdez are going to have a difficult time winning cases over how she handled detaining illegal aliens. They can’t call her racist!

A jury has awarded $240,000 in damages to two Muslim truck drivers who sued their former employer for religious discrimination after they were fired for refusing to make beer deliveries. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission won the case on behalf of the Obama administration.

The true discrimination in the case is that when Christians are fired and sued based on religious discrimination, judges find a way to side against Christians. You know, like refusing to make a wedding cake for a gay wedding. Bullshit here is spelled with a capital B.

If you are an animal lover, specifically horses, you will not be pleased with the US government and the slaughter of 1,800 wild horses. Illegal, incompetent and deliberate.

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