Thursday, October 15, 2015

Our country is only as strong
as the patriotism of its people

Sorry Mr President, "We shall" no longer be comfortable 
with your statement and believe it violates our rights. 
Your ideology is outdated and offensive. Rest in pieces.

 ~ I read where a Florida Community College has dropped the Pledge of Allegiance from its meetings on certain campuses claiming that it violated the rights of academic freedom and made people feel uncomfortable. Go live in any country in the Middle East for a year and tell me about their academic freedom and your level of comfort. Go burn their flag and see what happens.

Do you believe these leaders have a clue on being truly “uncomfortable”? Ask those who are made to bow and have their head cut off about expressing their beliefs and academic freedoms. Is our prosperity and freedom sustainable without allegiance and unity? History says no.

Journalists covering the presidential debates remain comfortable since most choose not to stand for the Nation Anthem. 

Rivers of blood have been shed to afford us the freedom we experience here. We don’t deserve to enjoy our freedoms if we are unwilling to pledge our allegiance to this republic which most of the world would gladly come to live. The poor flood in while the wealthy leave quietly, could this be an indicator of things to come? America the beautiful war zone.

 ~ A great question posed to Democrat presidential candidates in the debate: “What is America’s greatest national security threat?” Their answers varied little, but nuclear proliferation and terrorism were at the top, although none chose to mention Iran testing a ballistic missile last Sunday. One would think the outcry would be deafening. I’m sure there are several reasons why it’s given a pass, but I find it very telling.

Personally I believe our greatest national security threat is the US government, in part due to incompetence, greed, the Patriot Act and the push for socialism. If memory serves me; historically, all governments push for more power and control of people.

Hilary, in an effort to out-socialize Bernie, said she loves Denmark and "it's our job to rein in excesses of capitalism". Excessive capitalism is synonymous with excessive prosperity. Lord forbid America to continue to experience that! No worries, our youth in accord with academia will help her accomplish her goal.

Goodbye free enterprise - Hello Socialist America. Doesn't America realize it's the free market that pays all America's bills. It's difficult for us to acknowledge that 90% of the world has no indoor plumbing! Capitalism has proven successful, but those who wish us to become completely dependent must remove it to keep us safe.

I believe her when she says "I have been as transparent as I know to be" since it escapes admission of guilt and personal responsibility for her actions in the email scandal.  Brilliant choice of words. The trillion dollar question - will she be the new liar and thief commander in chief?

 ~ “Give me control of a nation’s money supply, and I care not who makes its laws.” M.A. Rothschild. According to this documentary, our freedom is an illusion. Does working 3 months per year so the IRS can collect the interest on debt to bankers sound like freedom or indentured servitude?

Is our government, through deficit spending, stealing tomorrow’s prosperity so it can spend it today? When the Federal Reserve writes a check, it’s creating money. Historically, debt through prolonged war is their biggest payday.

I must confess that my attitude is jaded when attempting to listen to Presidential candidates, since I have a difficult time believing anything they say (complete distrust). I choose to change the channel when they speak. I am highly amused when liberals get angry with Ben Carson’s remarks. They seem careful not to call him names, just curse him.

I didn’t realized how jaded I was until I noticed how much I’ve been watching a BBC news channel in place of the locals.  I did laugh when a BBC news anchor looked to be apologizing for Facebook during his explanation as to why they only paid $4,300 pounds in UK corporate taxes last year.

 ~ The mentally ill in West Africa receive a different treatment than those here in the US, which sometimes include being chained to trees. Here, many wind up in jail and receive minimal medical treatment. The largest mental institutions in the USA are our jails.

If you had a choice between jail or being chained to a tree, which would you prefer. As someone who enjoys the outdoors, I actually like the tree option, especially after everything I’ve seen, heard and read about life in prison.

 ~ The Obama administration’s latest ludicrous action was to remove pork from the menu of federal prisons. Am I alone in wondering who or what influenced this decision? I’m sure no Muslims were offended in the process. Vegan felons should be celebrating as well.

 ~ It took less than 3 years after being appointed by Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel for their school chief exec Barbara Byrd-Bennett to get caught taking kickbacks. The only surprise was that she got caught. No one blames Mayor Emanuel, just business as usual in Chicago. I bet she doesn’t serve 24 months and still picks up a check if she gets out.

 ~ I went to see “The Martian” and was quite entertained. There were several great scenes in the movie, but my favorite was at the end when Matt Damon said, “I guarantee you that at some point, everything's going to go south on you. You're going to say, 'This is it. This is how I end.' Now you can either accept that, or you can get to work.” That is a great take on human life, not just space exploration. Life on earth can be unforgiving, not to mention extremely finite.

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