Monday, October 12, 2015

Local, state and
world news distraction

 ~ Columbus Day is going the way of the American Indian, quite literally. I predict the politically correct politicians will change this holiday by the next decade. Oxymoronic?

 ~ Bud Kennedy has a scolding op-ed on Tarrant County Tax Assessor Ron Wright about the United Way/Planned Parenthood defunding in his office.

I don’t disagree with either one of them in all their assertions, but common ground is not popular in the current cultural climate. Politicians want votes, news writers want to be read, and controversy is a great avenue for both to advance.

 ~ I noticed that “Eyes on Lies” in the DFW area is hiring female decoys to catch, bait or seduce men suspected of being untruthful or unfaithful. After an internet search of the company, I’m not sure this ad isn’t bogus. What’s the markup in the extortion industry?

 ~ This Arlington family should give lessons on how to work the system. It looks as though they could give advanced acting lessons as well.

 ~ I'm also torn between allowing Omar Bashir Mohammed to forfeit his $300,000 bond and leave the country or do 5 years in the pen for a hit and run in Arlington. I’m unsure that our society isn’t better served by him permanently leaving the USA and forgoing the expense of his incarceration.

One thing is certain, I would not want to be his bail bondsman since they're letting him back out of jail after catching him on a flight from D/FW to Jordan.

 ~ There seems to be alot going on in Arlington these days. I remember when it used to be a great family town back in the 80’s.

 ~ What kind of nuclear deterrent deal did we make with Iran for them to test a ballistic missile Sunday? Why would they need a ballistic missile without a nuclear warhead? Yea, trust the government, they've got our best interests at heart...

 ~ It looks like we will be making "condolence payments" to the families and victims of the Kunduz hospital bombed by mistake. I suspect a portion of this blood money will be used for revenge against Americans in the name of justice. Vengeance is a powerful motivation.

If you received money for something like this, what would you do with it? Many would use it to help stop the actions that caused such a catastrophe.

~ Does the Muslim Brotherhood support turning children into holy martyrs? One may want to investigate their actions instead of their dialogue.

 ~ Can you imagine the dismay of employees at VW in Berlin after the German government raided their headquarters on Thursday? Many may be considering finding employment elsewhere because this looks far from over.

 ~ A few months back, a buddy of mine told me that a friend of his, who had first hand knowledge, said not to drink Bridgeport water. This probably doesn’t surprise many Bridgeport residents who have watched their drinking water turn color. Has anyone taken the time to have it tested as safe?

Another buddy of mine, who also lives in Bridgeport, was telling me of his painful arthritic condition after suffering a serious accident. He was receiving treatment for his condition when a couple in the waiting room told him they replaced their drinking water with Evian and it changed their life. He said he was in enough pain to try anything, so that’s what he did…and his condition has improved remarkably. Actually, he was still in disbelief.

I imagine that the most unbelievable remarks made in the above posts are that I actually have any buddies.

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