Thursday, October 8, 2015

Does misery truly love company?

 ~ Based on what I have read, the Oregon college gunman’s mother was very protective of him and told a neighbor that her son was “dealing with some mental issues”. If that were true, why would his mother allow him to have firearms? Should she be held partly responsible for his actions?

When it comes to unprovoked attacks on crowds of people, we are only experiencing how life is in much of the rest of the world, especially Israel and the Middle East. Knives are used when guns are not easily acquired. 

Even though the FBI recently reported homicides are down significantly in the last 5 years, statistics indicate that more people are killed by the use of hands/feet or knives than with assault rifles. Could there be a possibility that as more law abiding Americans arm themselves, homicides are declining.  Some could say gun-free zones reduce the violence.

This information is not what the current political system uses to base their blueprint of the future. Americans are already afraid to speak out against our leadership and system of law, can you imagine the affect of not having the right to a firearm for personal protection?

 ~ At what age should we consider accountability as an adult to those juveniles who conspire to commit mass murder, like the 4 they recently caught in California planning to shoot students and staff at their high school?

Or the 11 year old charged with the death of his 8 year old neighbor over an argument over puppies.

Or the 14 year old charged with murdering his teacher?

 ~ The most mind-boggling thought I’ve had this year developed after reading a comment (@12:34 PM) on The Deity’s blog. What if… those who commit multiple murders were made to watch the execution of their spouse, children, parents and siblings before their own execution, all of which were televised? Do you think some who perpetrate these crimes might reconsider carrying out mass murder?

I am not suggesting or promoting this type of justice, just wondering if I am alone in this somewhat disturbing thought process. I may just be thinking like a terrorist.

It may not curb violence, but I guarantee you one thing: families would damn sure be checking in on their black sheep relatives regularly and report suspicious behavior!

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