Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Another proposed government fail...
Saving money at whose expense?

 ~ A landmark government funded study suggests reducing medication in the schizophrenic and increasing one-on one talk therapy. I believe this will be a death sentence for many. If you believe this will not create more chaos and violence, you may want to remember one of the main reasons the mentally ill end up in jail is because they stop taking their meds.

There are many mental illnesses treated successfully with group and counseling therapy, especially addictions, but it takes time, commitment and perseverance, something the majority of sufferers are unwilling to participate in long term. 

Although I personally believe these programs work, their success rate is only as successful as the participants’ willingness to go to any lengths necessary to achieve change; including they admit their condition, change their behavior and environment and work a daily program to empower the change. Good luck with that because its not easy. 

If AA and treatment centers have a 10% success rate with alcoholism, what chance do you give schizophrenics receiving similar treatment?  This will be an epic fail causing much damage.

I also wonder if many mental illness conditions are a form of demon possession. If you have spent much time around sufferers, you will not be able to dismiss this possibility unless you are an atheist. Text books and studies are no substitute for actually experiencing their behavior and condition.

If I wanted to create more criminal behavior, civil disobedience and unrest, as well as LEO executions, I would go against their doctors and reduce their meds. Our government has proven to be incompetent in actually helping solve these problems, just look at our systems of education, incarceration, crime prevention and VA healthcare.

President Obama talked about alternative treatment in a speech this summer, mentioning that it saves the taxpayers money. He didn’t mention that innocent people get killed when these alternates fail to work, which seems to be the majority of the time. 

Now that the government is releasing thousands from prisons for non-violent crimes, I have a question. Now that pedophilia is considered a mental disorder, is it still considered a violent crime? This article states suggests the law does not adequately protect non-practicing pedophiles seeking treatment.

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