Friday, September 25, 2015

Stocks up = growth
Stocks down = correction

I applaud the Pope in his address to Congress, specifically reminding them of the responsibility to “protect and defend human life at every stage of its development”. Although his message may not be popular with much of American culture, he at least takes a stand for his beliefs. Pandering politicians may sympathize with him, but they will almost always side with those having the deepest pockets.

But before asking Congress to get their house in order, he may want to clean his own house. After reading that the Catholic Church is relocating Priests accused of sex crimes against children to poor parishes in South America, he seems unwilling to enforce his own zero tolerance policy.

I was a little surprised that 4 Supreme Court Justices chose not to attend the Pope’s historic address to Congress, 3 of them were Catholic. If Catholics don’t want to face the Pope, can you imagine their horror when they face the white throne judgment?

I was watching a documentary on Whitey Bulger and was amazed by issues raised about the FBI’s complicity with his involvement in organized crime. There was a very sobering statement by one of his associates who testified and asked if he lied. His honest response was that he did lie, “I am a criminal”. No denial there…

I watched the documentary in preparation for Johnny Depp’s portrayal of Whitey in Black Mass. The movie has “Oscar nominee” written all over it.

The annual Mecca pilgrimage has turned deadly with over 700 dead and more injured due to a stampede. I would not have been so surprised if this happened at a third world country soccer game, but in Saudi Arabia? Their chamber of commerce sure didn’t adequately organize the event.

For the gazillionaires who want everything, how about your own floating private island? Would you ride out a hurricane on it?

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