Friday, September 11, 2015

Social chaos the new norm?

Extreme biking at its finest

~ I finally broke down and watched “The Social Network” about Mark Zuckerberg and how he created Facebook. It did not paint a pretty picture of him. The movie inferred he stole the idea and screwed over his partner and only friend. Of course, they all got paid off in the end, but I found it quite sad.

I have no doubt how brilliant he is and the culmination of ideas that made it an overnight success, but being a billionaire doesn’t always make living with yourself a pleasant task. His focus, diligence, persistence and resolve was inspiring, but there is/was a cost.

What jumped out at me most about the creation of Facebook was one of its primary objectives was to help college students “get laid”. Relationship status was a great asset to its success. Justin Timberlake played a great supporting role as a successful opportunistic villain that helped take it to the next level.

It may be the billionaires that eventually control our government, economy and standard of living. When people in leadership can be bought, sold, bribed and extorted, they become easily manipulated into going against their own belief systems and taking the path of self-perpetuation. A path not easily backtracked.

~ I heard a Minister say that when questioning the will of God and why He would allow all the horrible things that happen in the world, that it wasn’t a matter of being God’s will. He said it was the will of man that creates most of the chaos and destruction we experience.

The post above was even more meaningful after reading an article claiming 182 people were killed by guns over the labor day weekend. Combined with the Syrian refugee plight, it reminds me we are not in a live and let live world. Humans suffer from a madness not easily acceptable, yet justified in our own eyes. 

Loving one another seems to compete with our selfish desires. Kindness, tolerance and patience must be learned, it's not instinctive. The act of caring for others without an immediate payoff seems lost. I am not innocent.

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