Tuesday, September 8, 2015

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Hypnotic ~ plane crash compilation

 ~ The latest strategy to get out of prison early may be to request hormone therapy and a sex change operation. This should get prisoners on the top of the list for parole. Transgender rights (and expenses) look to take precedent.
 ~ There are many problems with prisons in America, but San Quentin has an outbreak of Legionnaires’ disease. I wonder how long before they shut down the facility?

 ~ I was inspired by family and members of the Charleston Church who spoke out in forgiveness to the young man charged with killing 9 people. Prosecutors in the case are not so forgiving as they seek the death penalty.

 ~ I wonder how much money was donated to political campaigns to get the Iran deal passed. I read where there was 22 million raised to fight the deal getting passed, it doesn't look to be enough. We have the best government money can buy!

 ~ Went to Panther Island this weekend and it a nice place to hang out, swim and kayak. A local sorority was there of about 50 and I felt old.  My eyes almost popped out of my head a few times.

 ~ I could not imagine being a teacher in an inner city school. Pressure for test scores, curriculum content and student attitudes would be a daily struggle.  In some schools, being a prison guard would be safer.

 ~ I read where someone vandalized the Alamo. I wonder when there will be an uprising to demolish it due to our injustice to Mexico. Do you think the Mexican people wish we would have taken over the whole country and made it part of the USA?

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