Monday, September 28, 2015

News in an insane culture...

 ~ LEOs in areas with a history of civil unrest are adopting a new program involving “predictive policing” to help identify those most likely to commit crimes. Excuse me, but is this not a fancy term for profiling? Political correctness at its finest.

Profiling may not be politically correct, but law enforcement have used this technique to bring many criminals to justice. It’s not all rocket science either, if you see someone walking down the street wearing a hoody, carrying a flat screen TV in a box at 3 AM, he fits a certain profile and warrants questioning.

 ~ I was not surprised to read about a Saudi prince who was arrested for a sex crime. I was amazed to see the photo of his rent house in Beverly Hills, valued at $37 million. I wonder how he posted his $300,000 bond.

 ~ I wonder if the NAACP will come to the rescue of the Georgia woman who made terroristic threats on Youtube. The Blacklivesmatter activist allegedly called for war on white people and advocated shooting LEOs. This should cause her audience to grow and maybe even get her national attention.

At any rate, I imagine she will have a diverse audience in jail. I am curious to see if any activist groups reach out and put her on their payroll. Hell, she may even get invited to the White House.

 ~ If you think the world is winning the war on terrorism, you probably don’t want to read where 30,000 foreigners have entered Syria in the past 12 months to join ISIS.

You may also not want to speculate as to why we’re arming Syrian rebels and they’re turning them over to al-Qaeda. The enemy of my enemy…?

There are some memories that get stuck in my head. One is seeing a young college girl this summer in a bikini with an obvious piercing on her nether region. How does one keep that picture from popping up?

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