Thursday, August 13, 2015

The Crane political & economic forecast
It's not pretty...

I’m gonna go out on a long limb here and make some very unpopular declarations and predictions:

1. Donald Trump is not a conservative. If elected, it will become obvious.

2. Donald Trump will run Independent if he does not get the Republican nomination.

3. Donald Trump will not beat Hillary if he gets the Republican nomination and will help her get elected if he runs as an Independent.

4. If by some fluke Donald Trump becomes President, every sports hero and famous singer/actor will become a possible future Presidential candidate. Popularity will have become more important than qualifications.

5. If Hillary implodes, Bernie Sanders will get the Democratic nomination. It is no longer necessary to hide socialism and fascism in American politics. He could even be selected as her running mate.

6. Gasoline will go to $5 a gallon by 2018, no matter who is elected. Oil seems to always drop before a major presidential election.

7. Iran will announce they have nuclear weapons by 2019 without Israeli intervention.

8. If a liberal (RINO or Democrat) holds the office of President for the next 8 years, we will see:
A. the completion of creating an entitlement generation

B. public education curriculum will be mandated by the federal government

C. the national debt will go to $40 trillion

D. Civil unrest and terrorism will continue to increase

E. the American workforce will continue to decline

F. healthcare will become socialized medicine

G. Polygamy and pedophilia will become protected sexual preferences

H. the Christian church will suffer widespread persecution

I. our country will be sold off in pieces
Let me be the first to say I hope I'm wrong on all counts. Fundamental change is what we were promised and that's what we're getting. The lines of division have been laid and history has always shown that tyranny prevailed when government became self-serving.

This is not the history our children are being taught. It will not be our government who will solve Americas problems, it will be the people. Until we get past the hate and division being created and encouraged, we will see more bloodshed. We must cure the disease of hate before this country will heal.

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Anonymous said...

I get your "I hope I'm wrong" statement, but I have a comment just for what it's worth, I'll go with all of your predictions except the pedophilia as a protected preference. I think even the libs aren't in there for that one.

Please, God.