Monday, August 10, 2015

Life goes on...
Why does it seem more difficult?

 ~ “Just this past week, Obama admitted that money flowing to Iran from his negotiated deal will be used by Iran to fund terrorism. …If I had told you in 2008 that Barack Obama would negotiate a deal that he acknowledges will fund terrorism, you'd have thought me a conspiracy theorist.” Erick Erickson, Townhall

 ~ When I think of how the USA has overcome adversity over the last two centuries, I believe it was because the people were unified with common goals and beliefs and were willing to make monumental sacrifices to achieve them. We, the people, were led astray on several occasions, but we recovered through our unity. I hope we will one day demonstrate that attribute again.

 ~ The GOP presidential candidates better stop overlooking women in their search for votes. They don’t have to please them, but they better starting including them when sharing concerns for Americans.

 ~ The best opinion and analogy I’ve read this year of our political process is rather sad since I believe it to be true. I wish it weren’t! Thank you Tommyboy for reminding me that “the game is fixed”.

 ~ Since I try to look at both sides of the coin when it comes to our economy and politics, I watched a documentary on Netflix, Inequality For All. It was difficult to keep an open mind due to my ingrained beliefs, but if the numbers are correct, our economy has grown, in part, by reducing the purchasing power (inflation adjusted wages) of the middle class.

Former Labor Secretary Robert Reich made some interesting observations in the film. One was that the economy is driven and controlled by the middle class, and that's who has to stand up for themselves. Before you go off on me and accuse me of being a liberal, watch it in its entirety. Try to keep an open mind because its not easy to accept.

 ~ I noticed where the Decatur School District was raising the tax rate to pay for the bond that was passed. I also noticed a billboard when I was driving north on 287 in Jeterville where the Decatur ISD had an ad. I don’t know that I ever saw a billboard ad for an ISD.


TommyBoy said...

Thanks, I guess. Actually, I wish I was wrong about all my paranoid ravings, but unfortunately, I'm not. Not only have I done the research, but in many cases, I've seen the evidence up close. Our leaders are overpaid cheaters and egomaniacs. It's the nature of men to want to control others. I would say that the best way to choose our leaders is via lottery rather than elections but the power-mad people in charge would never agree to it. By the way, I mean all the people in charge, from top to bottom, from the cops out on the highway handing out tickets to the professional politicians at the county level, on up to state and federal office holders. These people should be thrown out and made to work shifts at Lowes and Walmart where they would truly fit in and they could backstab their way up the ladder and enjoy every minute of it. I suspect even if those changes were to occur, the game would still be fixed. Such is the nature of the material world. When Solomon was asked what the meaning of all this was about, he replied "Fear God and keep his commandments." Pretty good advice.

Anonymous said...

Well, I took your advice and watched the inequality documentary on Netflix. I can't believe you got sucked in by that pablum. You seem to have a handle on reality otherwise.

I'll make this simple. Of course the rich are richer than the poor. What caused it to accelerate recently? The poor forfeited. Plain and simple. They became mesmerized by the TV, the internet, sports, drugs, sloth, etc, ad nauseum. It became much easy for the industrious among us to leave them in the dust. Kudos to them. I remodel their homes. I'm doing fine, thank you.