Monday, August 24, 2015

Is lasting prosperity realistic?

 ~ The economy in China, "It's worse than you think. Whatever you might think, it's worse," Jim Chanos , stock market short seller.

Remember, our stock market is only an economic indicator. We caused the last financial bubble, will China start the next? Does the world economy start with the energy market? The trickle down effect from the fallout of the energy sector may affect everything.

 ~ Old news comment: Karma can be a bitter pill to swallow for Ashley Madison website users (a dating website for married people seeking affairs). Hackers got into their database and now are extorting users offering not publish their information. They want payment in bitcoin. Rather ingenious I thought.

Two Canadian lawfirms have already brought a $578 million class action lawsuit against them. When your reputation is built on keeping secrets, don’t expect to be forgiven if those secrets are leaked.

Note to self, do not put personal information on a website unless you are comfortable with public exposure. This is just another example of how the internet can ruin your life, which in this case doesn’t seem to be a satisfied one.

Which brings me to the question: Has anyone ever had an extramarital affair that did not eventually cause grievous consequences? How any individual can be comfortable with the guilt and regret of lying, cheating and damage it causes is beyond me.

 ~ Megan Fox is divorcing after 5 years of marriage. I would have placed the over and under time frame on that marriage at 42 months. Bearing two children may have prolonged it.

A good marriage takes work, daily. Throw self-serving expectations out the door if you want to maintain a loving, healthy relationship. Peaches and cream are in the courtship, life eventually serves spinach and broccoli on occasion. The grass is seldom greener elsewhere.

~ My random thought of the day.  Could Tourette Syndrome actually be a form of demonic possession? Yes, lunacy could be involved in my thought process.

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