Monday, August 3, 2015

Death and dismemberment
Business as usual

Planned Parenthood video
9 Minute mark gets graphic with body parts!
Because half a billion in taxpayer funds is not enough...

 ~ A commenter on the Deity’s blog referenced the term “white Christianity”. I was unaware that liberals classified Christianity by race.

 ~ Can you imagine what Iranians are enduring having to wear all the long, flowing clothing when their heat index is 163 degrees? Makes me feel like a light-weight!

 ~ Nothing promotes trust with our allies like getting caught spying on them. WikiLeaks just released a cache of documents that show the USA has been spying on Japan over the last decade. Who would have thought it?

 ~ 167,000 people signed a petition calling for the pardon of Eric Snowden. The White House recently responded “No”, which I expected. I did think the pot was calling the kettle black with the statement saying he was “running away from the consequences of his actions”.

 ~ I believe the cartoon below is the best description of why Trump is such a popular Presidential candidate. Many people are sick of politicians running the country into the ground, no matter what party they belong to...

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Anonymous said...

The US is in such deep trouble there is sure to be some kind of terrible reckoning in its future. When I see what sort of men run the show in our little part of Texas, I can only shake my head and wonder how those idiots ever convinced people to vote for them. I'm not just talking about state reps, I'm talking about commissioners and judges and others who hold financial and martial power. If I didn't have faith in God above, it would surely be scary.

We know the right thing to do. So why doesn't anybody do it? I'll tell you why: it's too easy to collect a paycheck and hang on to their phoney-baloney jobs than it is to stand up to the wave of insanity that's washing over us. Why don't our so-called local leaders speak out against socialism? Abortion on demand? Homosexuality? Unfair taxation? Police brutality? Federal intervention? Imminent domain? Shall I go on? Nope, I guess I don't really need to.

I do hope some of these self-righteous judges and big men occasionally cruise by some of these local blogs to get an idea of just how close to the edge we are. When the dam breaks, their big salaries aren't going to save them.

And yes, white Christianity is a concept that's been floating around out there for some time.