Friday, August 21, 2015

Change, it's the only constant...

New auto safety device

I don’t know how the Liberally Lean Deity does it. Keeping a blog going daily is a beating, especially with commenters who criticize, condemn and continually pronounce judgment. If I posted my true random thoughts daily, I would be crucified.

I paid $2.06 a gallon for gas this week. I don’t know how temporary this will be, but I do know a lot of people are hurting due to the price of oil.

Stock market dropping is puzzling since transportation costs are lower. I suspect it’s due to the devaluation of other currencies (China), giving our dollar more purchasing power.

I expected more civil unrest in Arlington after the LEO shooting, but am pleased to see the #blacklivesmatter groups maintaining civility in our area.

I also noticed where the First Baptist Church of Greenville, SC has allowed ordination of gay and transgender Ministers. I wonder what the Apostle Paul would say and do if he were in America today?

According to the history of Israel in the Holy Bible, when they became more sinful than the surrounding nations, God allowed them to suffer grave consequences. Although patient, he did give them an opportunity to repent. Many times, they killed God’s prophets because they didn’t like the message

The thought crossed my mind that God must be a man. He doesn’t talk much, doesn’t nag and is extremely harsh when punishment is administered. I will probably regret this comment.

About a month ago, dove made a nest in a tree by the back porch. Today there are 2 chicks who barely fit in the nest. I didn't know they multiplied so quickly. It puts an odd twist on my love for them, especially wrapped in bacon on the grill.


aroundthecorner said...

Me either, so I bailed. A beat down every single day.

Anonymous said...

Barry's deal is pretty easy with the drivel he writes. Seriously.

Stock market drop is puzzling? I've read in numerous places since last winter that it is time for the bottom to drop out. They can't keep it afloat any longer. Eventually, something has to give. It's past time.

Never thought I'd see a sentence with both #blacklivesmatter and civility. Chances are somebody got paid off. Another racial shake-down.

That church in SC has not been a part of the SBC since 1999. Just because the sign says Baptist doesn't mean the people inside are. As a matter of fact, their new rules puts them outside the church. What would Paul say? The same he originally said all those years ago. Maybe we need to re-word the Bible, eh? You know, to make it more inclusive. Love is love, right? Man-love, boy-love, love my Chevrolet...

Man was made in God's image. Woman was fashioned from on of his ribs as a helper and companion. At least, that's how I read it.