Friday, August 7, 2015

Better late than never?

 ~ The US Census Bureau sponsored an event to help workers celebrate Black History Month that turned into an anti-white speech. Our tax dollars are at work helping propagate division and civil unrest.

 ~ A guy applying for a Highway Patrol job admitted during a polygraph that he had sex with minors and filmed it? Three weeks later, they searched his house and found the videos. Although the polygraph was conducted in 2012, he was just sentenced to 20 years.

When they asked him if he had ever committed any criminal offense, did he think his honesty would not have consequences? Obviously not. He’s probably not the sharpest pencil in the drawer.

 ~ This is a very interesting proposed solution to curbing gun violence. You must read it completely before criticism, condemnation or ridicule! I will listen to most viable solutions but am sick of grandstanding political debate.

 ~ The bodies of 2 Japanese mountain climbers were finally identified, 45 years after they were reported missing from their Matterhorn excursion. They were found last September due to the glacier receding.

Can you imagine climbing a mountain and finding the remains of previous climbers? That would sure make me go back over my safety checklist and equipment… 

 ~ I decided not to watch the debate last night even though it was probably the most entertaining program showing. For some reason, I lost interest in circus performers several years ago. I also have all the drama I need in my life presently. Once the field narrows, I will become more interested.

10%. That's how much of what they say which I choose to believe. It may be an enormous over-estimate!

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The Donald said...

The gun violence initiative is interesting. It seems there's been quite a penalty paid for the hippy-dippy notion of the '60s to "trust no one over 30". Lacking - or at least failing to heed - the wisdom of society's elders has resulted in generations of sophomoric willy-nilly-ness, which, coupled with El BJ's 200 year Great Enslavement program, relegated the most vulnerable communities to near-permanent dependency.

If they can convince street thugs and hotheads to listen to rational counsel, I'd say they have a good chance of breaking the cycle. But with the present culture that seems to thrive on igniting tinderbox after tinderbox, they have their work cut out for them.

Saw an ad for an org called ''. I don't know the genesis of the group, but their tagline of "Clear it - Check it - Lock it" is certainly reasonable enough. Their claim of "16,000 people are injured or killed in preventable gun incidents", though, needs more scrutiny. My cursory (CDC, circa 2010 or 2011) research indicates there are ~33,000 firearm deaths annually in the U.S. - ~11K murders, ~21K suicides, the remainder accidents/other. CDC shows child deaths by accidental discharge around 60-70 per year, Moms Demand Action says 100. So, it would be interesting to see a breakdown of their 16,000 figure, else one wonders whether they're simply the latest incarnation of Brady/Sugarmann/Bloomberg with a Jon Stewart snark.